What is SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework)?


Scaled Agile Framework provides Enterprise organizations with a set of practical guidelines for developing and delivering enterprise-class application development as efficiently as possible. It's a widely accepted framework that incorporates success patterns leveraged from Scrum, Kanban, Lean and XP, practices and principles, case studies and courses. Users are also connected to a responsive community where the latest and most effective solutions are freely shared. SAFe provides a scalable and customizable way for organizations of all sizes to learn the best tactics to implement lean-agile development.

SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) Configurations

SAFe is a highly configurable framework that allows organizations to select the level of the framework based off the maturity of the transformation, typically beginning with Essential SAFe.

  • Essential SAFe - This is the baseline starting point for your SAFe adoption, containing the necessary components for your initial implementation.
  • Large Solution SAFe - This is for large and complex solutions that require multiple agile release trains. This configuration is often used in industries such as defense, aerospace, automotive as well as the public sector.
  • Portfolio SAFe - This configuration brings together the people and processes needed to create development value streams. One highlight of this level is the creation of lean budgeting to help organizations achieve their needed ROI.
  • Full SAFe - This is the most comprehensive level of the framework, appropriate for the largest enterprises.  

Cohesion Coaches and Scrum Masters are engaged at all levels of organizations that have adopted, and are implementing SAFe throughout their enterprise, spanning commercial and government programs between US based and International Fortune 500 companies.

With this experience, comes the understanding that as the magnitude of SAFe Agile Release Trains (ARTs) launching from every division across an enterprise begin to multiply, and stand-alone Agile teams continue to mature, the training, positioning, and deployment by Cohesion SAFe Certified Consultants will be a key success factor to any Agile Transformation.

Our experience uniquely differentiates Cohesion SAFe certified consultants in that we deliver a “pragmatic perspective” of how SAFe is being implemented across a wide range of areas, and share what’s gone well, what wasn’t going well, and what actions we took to improve our customers’ real world implementations.

Cohesion offers tailored solutions to help you implement agile principles and practices in your company. See how we can empower your team with Agile Consulting.

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