6 Tips for Generation Z in the Workplace


While much of the attention has been on Millennials, the world is starting to notice Generation Z, the post-Millennial generation. Members of Gen Z (1995-2012) are just starting to graduate college and enter the workforce. This generation is just starting to exert its influence on society. Here are some tips for Generation Z in the workplace.

What Does Generation Z Want?

While people are all individuals, they are also influenced by their culture. Members of Generation Z have some distinct qualities that separate them from earlier generations, such as Millennials or Baby Boomers.

  • They're the most tech-savvy generation in history. Gen-Z’ers grew up with the internet and, in many cases, social media and smartphones. The digital world is their natural environment. One consequence of this is that they're adept at multitasking.
  • They are security-conscious. Having seen the results of the recent recession first-hand, they value financial security.
  • They tend to be quite independent and competitive. Whereas millennials are known for liking to work in groups, Gen Z’ers often like to work alone and receive recognition for their individual efforts.
  • They are natural entrepreneurs. Many members of Gen Z are working in order to learn the skills they need to start their own businesses.
  • They like to do things their way. This is actually a trait that's gotten more pronounced with each generation since the Baby Boomers. Whereas older generations saw work as a place to conform and obey, younger employees expect the environment to meet their needs.

Tips for Gen Z to Succeed at Work

  • Plan your life. It's likely that you'll change jobs and careers multiple times in your life. This doesn't negate the need for planning, though. Set both short and long-term goals. Planning helps you stay focused even if your goals evolve over time.
  • Network as much as possible. As we've noted, Gen Z tends to be independent. However, you should also understand the value of connecting with others. Build your own network with the help of friends, family members, former teachers and people you meet online. An important networking tip is that when you help others, they're more likely to help you in return.
  • Never give up. In many ways, the world is more challenging than ever. You need a great deal of grit and determination to succeed. Don't expect everything to work out in your favor. Learn from your mistakes and failures and change your approach when necessary.
  • Use technology to your advantage. One edge you have is that you're completely at home with the latest devices and platforms. Use social media, smartphone apps, and email to your advantage. Seek the best ways to use technology based on your personal goals.
  • Stay focused. The digital world has helped make you comfortable with multitasking. You can probably carry on three conversations at once on your phone, tablet and laptop. However, you need to balance this with an ability to focus on one project at a time. Take some time every day to disconnect and put all of your attention on the task at hand.
  • Stay true to your values. No matter what you want to achieve, never lose sight of your integrity. While you should value honesty and integrity for their own sake it's also worth noting that almost everything you say and do nowadays is public knowledge that's hard to erase. Keep this in mind when you communicate online as a YouTube video or tweet you send out today will still be available five years from now.

Generation Z is just coming into its own as people in their teens and twenties become consumers, earn degrees, get jobs and start businesses. If you're a member of Gen Z, you have plenty of time to plan and achieve your life dreams. Make the most of your strengths, but also learn what you can from previous generations.

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