Agile Transformations

Our Agile Transformations empower every
individual to have a voice


Coaching IT Leaders to Navigate Change with an Agile mindset, methods, and tools.

Being equipped with an agile mindset is the only sustainable competitive advantage in today's economy.  However, the speed of business and technology no longer affords us the time to build this mindset from the top down.  We must empower everyone, from the ground up, with a voice to move the business forward.  At Cohesion, we utilize Agile training and coaching as a core service to our clients to empower everyone with the necessary behaviors, tools, and processes to Navigate Change.


Agile Bootcamps

Agile Coaching


Sam O'Brien

Sam is an Agile Coach, Certified Scrum Master and Retrospective Facilitator. She has extensive experience, with 15 years of Training and Coaching Agile teams across the globe.


Agile projects are 3x as successful as traditional projects.
— Standish Group 2012
79 studies with quantitative data proves an average ROI of 1872%
— The Business Value of Agile Software Methods, Rico, Sayani & Sone